Rental terms

  • Minimum age 25 years.
  • Driving license valid for 2 years.
  • Payment is made at the time of rental. Payment by approved credit card is accepted with an addition of 5% (Banking commission of the credit cards).
  • The deposit is mandatory.
  • The deposit is 15 000-20000 MAD (1300 to 1740 Euro) or, failing an equivalent cash deposit.
  • The tenant is responsible on road parking.
  • The tenant must return the vehicle in the same state to his delivery.
  • Only the designated driver to the contract can drive.
  • The use of cars on unpaved runways is absolutely prohibited.

Our tariffs include

  • The oil, car’s maintenance:
  • Liability insurance, accidents caused to third parties, theft and car’s fire.
  • Car’s fuel is not included in our tariffs.


  • The insurance covers unlimited damages against third parties according to the regulations in force in Morocco.
  • The liability of the tenant and the driver,
  • Fire and theft,
  • Damages of the car are covered only in the case of an accident within 24 hours.
  • In case of accident, if you are not at fault, you pay nothing.
  • The material damages remain to the customer within a franchise, when the latter is at fault.

Long term rental

  • On request, very attractive tariffs are offered for a rental of more than one month.
  • Daily tariffs are calculated on the basis of 24 hours.
  • Weekly tariffs are calculated on the basis of 7 consecutive days.

Rental with a driver

  • Additional charged of 150 MAD per day.